Some of the best news you get when you purchase Orange curriculum is that you have an Orange Specialist (OS).  Your OS can help you implement the curriculum, answer questions and assist you in finding everything you need on the curriculum matrix. They are an amazing resource that you need to make sure you take advantage of!
The bad news is that, sometimes, these OS ladies, they sleep or eat. And, if you are working on your 252 Basics materials late at night or over the weekend, it may not be the best time to call your OS.
We have a solution for that problem. No, we’re not going to ask our OS ladies to stay awake 24/7. That would be cruel. Instead, we created a series of video orientations to help you answer your questions about the 252 Basics Matrix.
Videos! That you can see whenever! Whoop!
These videos walk you through the same conversations that your OS would have if she were on the phone with you. They are listed by topic so you can easily locate the video to answer your question. So, whether you need to know at 2am because you’re working on curriculum or you just need a refresher of what your OS said yesterday on the phone, these videos can help.
A complete guide to the Vimeo links organized by topic is found in the Training tab of the 252 Basics curriculum matrix, in the Primary User Resources panel.. Or, you can click through to our 252 Basics Vimeo site and bookmark it for future reference.
Check it out and see all the information that will be ready whenever you are!