You Have Your Very Own Orange Specialist!

No, we don’t specialize in oranges—we don’t grow ’em and we don’t pick ’em. What an Orange Specialist does is make you, the leader of your preschool program, a hero! Your Orange Specialist is your partner in ministry, your cheerleader, your supporter, your consultant, and more. She will offer suggestions, provide resources, and answer questions to assure that First Look is a great fit for your volunteers, your preschoolers, and their families. Wow, that sounds expensive, right?!? Wrong—it’s free, the personal touch that is included with your curriculum subscription.

The relationship between you and your Orange Specialist starts with a phone call to review all of the curriculum materials, training resources, and tools for partnering with parents. All questions are welcomed, anytime: What is “Make It Fun”? What exactly are the “3 Basic Truths”? How can I s-t-r-e-t-c-h the materials over two hours on Sundays and into Wednesday nights? How do I get started with my volunteers? How can I get parents on board? Or, your Orange Specialist can simply listen!

You can learn more about the role of your Orange Specialist at out the videos at the bottom of the post to get to know your very own Orange Specialist a little better.