As I’m sure you have heard by now, the theme for Orange Conference 2012 is Game Changer. For our final Orange Conference free ticket drawing, we thought it would be fun to hear some of the game-changing moments in your life and ministry.
To get you inspired, here are some of the Game-Changers from a few of our 252 staffers.

Jon Williams
All my life I have been a pessimist. There, I said it. Happy?  For the longest time this pessimism manifested itself as fear and I let this fear rule my life, my decision-making, and ultimately rule the risks I would take.
However, one faithful night in 1999, I found myself at an all-night fast food joint at 2am.  Sitting across from me was my family ministry pastor.  As we ate processed cheese and fries for the next two hours, he inspired me to look beyond my fears and look in to the possibilities of how God may want to use my gifts and talents. Gifts and talents I was not utilizing in my job as a banking.
Thirteen years later, I’m using my creative gifts in a way I would have never imagined. That conversation with my family ministry pastor was a huge game changer for me.


Jessica McKee
I’ll never forget the first time I read the story of Abraham and Isaac after becoming a parent. My heart ached for this dad caught between following God and loving his only son. Holding my own son, I better understood how difficult this must have been for Abraham. Then I was struck with the obvious parallel to God’s sacrifice of His one and only son for me, and I recognized more deeply how God must feel about us.

God is love. It’s a simple statement that at that moment radically changed how I view God and approach others.


Liz Hanson
In 2001, I was a recent college-grad working in the Development office of my alma mater. I knew that raising money wasn’t where I wanted to spend my life, but I also didn’t have a handle on what to do with my English major and all those theatre and journalism classes.
One of my father’s cousins sat on the board of a small heritage society and asked me to advise them on choosing a play they could produce to help raise their visibility. I looked at the available scripts and gave them my honest opinion. They were bad. Really bad.
So my father’s cousin looked at me and asked: “Would you write a play for us?”
That was my game changer. In the process of writing that play, I discovered how all the pieces of my story so far fit into the art of storytelling. Now, more than a decade later, storytelling is still my driving passion: my vocation and avocation. The place God has called me to spend my life.
All because someone asked: “Would you…?”

Those are a few of ours. Now, what’s the game changer in your life?
In 100 words or less, comment and tell us about it! You have until Friday at noon EST. We’ll choose a game changer at random.
We can’t wait to hear your story!