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What you do still matters

The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time in ministry. We are all asking the same question: How can we help?

At a time like this, it’s easy to buy into the myth that what we do is inconsequential in this global concern, or that ministry is somehow on hold.

But the truth is what you do this week matters more than ever. How the Church responds in this moment will significantly impact the way this generation sees God.

Free coronavirus resources

As a non-profit organization whose mission is to support churches in their work of discipling kids and teenagers, Orange is actively re-imagining how to best help you as you help those in your community.

To that end, we’ve set up FREE solutions for digital services on and so you can stay personally connected every week with strategic experiences.

Like you, we’re also looking at the weeks and months ahead and also re-imagining solutions for significant moments like Easter and VBS. Look for more details in the weeks ahead.

One of our favorite moments of the year happens at Orange Conference. This is when we have an opportunity to be together in the same room with leaders like you. We recognize that in our current reality it would be unwise to move forward as planned.

An Orange Conference update

One year ago, we started planning Orange Conference 2020 with the theme: Every Generation Needs a New Revolution. We knew this would be a year we talked about change.

Now, it seems the revolution started a little earlier than we planned.

We’re still going to do the Orange Conference this year—just in a different way.

As we think about OC20, we recognize we can’t recreate what happens when thousands of us are together in the same room. But we believe there are some opportunities for even more.

You can still plan to hear from some of our favorite thought leaders, like: Simon Sinek, Danielle Strickland, Jon Acuff, Ryan Leak, Dharius Daniels, Mark Batterson, Kristen Ivy, Joel Manby, Nona Jones, Jimmy Mellado, and more.

We’re planning to have three real-time livestream sessions with leaders we love to hear from. And you can expect some surprises (seriously!) and as much fun and energy as we can squeeze through your internet connection.

Click here to read updates about the Orange Conference.