Isn’t it amazing how certain songs can evoke such strong memories? A certain pop song will remind you of that great summer in your childhood or a particular worship song takes you back to a time when God moved mightily in your life.
Amber Sky Records creates music that can provide the same emotional connection for this generation. ASR songs are great for large group worship and FX walk-in music, but I have to admit we listen to it all the time at home. My kids love hearing the same song at home that they learned at church. They always want to teach me the motions!
Check out this video to see what ASR put together for this month’s Rooted series.
To win a ticket to Orange Conference 2012, comment below with your favorite Amber Sky Records song. Tell us how you’ve used it in your ministry or the impact it’s had on you or those around you. Winner will be randomly selected Monday, March 16.
And if you want to get this video for use in your ministry, get it (and lots of other great music) on the Amber Sky Records site.