Last month, Brian White, the director of Mobile Technology for Disney, spoke at an Orange staff meeting. His “Lessons from Disney” talk inspired us to think in new directions.
He took some time to explain Disney’s strategy for lines at their parks. As Disney Parks grew in popularity, the lines at their park attractions grew as well. This is a good problem for Disney to have, as it meant more people are coming and enjoying themselves. Certainly don’t want to stop that! But how can the wait for your favorite attraction be more tolerable?
And the Disney Fast Pass was born. The Fast Pass allows park guests to “reserve” a seat on a ride at an assigned time later in the day. Guests can get a snack or see a show and return to enjoy the ride at their assigned time. That’s the best way to wait! Learn more about Fast Passes on Disney’s site.
Hearing this solution prompted us to think about the “lines” we face in ministry. What are those things we endure that may not be ideal, but it’s part of the experience? For church leaders, things like volunteer absences, technology mishaps, and budget concerns are unavoidable. But is there a way to Fast Pass through them? For families, demanding schedules and distractions come with the territory. But can we create a Fast Pass that helps families meet their goals through those “lines?”
Where are some of the “lines” you see in ministry in general? What about specifically in your ministry? Where are the “lines” in your household?