Do you know you have an Orange Specialist? And we don’t mean someone who can identify 17 individual hues of the color orange, nor is it someone who can prepare 38 orange dishes using a crock pot and wooden spoon. An Orange Specialist is your partner to help you as a church leader implement the Orange Strategy for your church.

They can help you navigate the matrix, find new ways to engage your parents or give suggestions on the best use of your facility. They can give pointers on volunteer training, budget issues and vision casting. They are available by email or telephone, to talk with you about any question you may have regarding using your curriculum.

If you are on your way to OC13, you have the opportunity to meet your Orange Specialist live and in person! The secret is in the planning. If you have been to a previous Orange Conference, you know that time hits warp speed once the conference begins. This year will be no exception. With over 5,000 people going between main sessions, breakouts, special interviews, vendor booths, photo ops, and this year’s amazing new feature, the Gallery, the chances of just bumping into someone is slight. So, we have made it easy for you to plan to meet your OS.

Download this file (WheresMyOSToday) and you will access a schedule that will tell you where you can find your Orange Specialist. They are scheduled at the Arena Genius Booth, the Convention Center Genius Booth and the Gallery just so they can meet with you!

A bonus for those partners who are arriving early is the annual Orange Specialists’ Meet and Greet on Tuesday night from 7-9 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet your OS and other Orange leaders, enjoy some Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee and the acoustic talents of Molly Parden. Admission is free but you do need to register so we know you are attending. Just sign up on the same page that you register for your breakouts.

We look forward to seeing you next week!