If you have clicked on this blog, you either already know what a WORD character is, OR you wanna find out. So, for those of you who are a part of the latter group, let me explain.
WORD is a part or segment of our Family Experience scripts. Family Experience is a production that’s designed to create a fun and exciting, shared experience for parents and their K-5th grade-age children. AND, these experiences tie in to what 252 Basics is teaching each week. Basically, it’s an entertaining way to partner with parents by helping them create conversations about what they learned at church and talk about it for the rest of the week.
In every Family Experience, we have a portion of the production that is called WORD. It’s where the Bible story the children learned in Large Group/Small Group is revisited so that the parents can be brought up to speed on what was taught that day.
However, in Family Experience, we tend to tell the Bible story in a silly way.
Think “Biblical teaching” meets a Looney Tunes cartoon—something for the kids and something for the parents.
Which brings me to my original question, or, actually, the title of this blog.
Which character is your favorite Family Experience’s WORD character?
Here is a list of the characters:
Sam Shovel – He’s a private investigator who’s totally unaware. He thinks he’s as smart as a whip but in actuality he’s as sharp as a salad bowl. He’s passionate about finding the truth even though he’s always unsure of what the truth is.
Fancy Grace – She’s the know-it-all Talk News Host that’s fired up! She always has the right answer even if it’s wrong and she never interrupts her guests—mainly because she never gives them a chance to speak.
Reginald Fastidious, III – He is the world’s greatest Shakespearean-one-man-Bible-story-performance-artist—or so he thinks. He’s passionate about the craft of acting and constantly talks down to people who don’t “understand the arts.” Instead of walking, he often leaps dramatically to and fro about the stage.
Emily Toast – She is the self-appointed bastion of manners. However, in an attempt to make others become more “proper” she ends up becoming quite a mess. Her desire for etiquette often leads her to miss the meaning of some very important truths.
So, let me know blog-reader-people. Which character is your favorite WORD character and why? Vote by commenting on this blog by Friday, March 24. One comment will be chosen to win a free download of the March Discovery video!