Orange Kids Curriculum

Best. Summer. Ever.

Isn’t that what we want our kids to feel as they move into the start of school in August? The great news is that when VBS is done right, it can make summer truly unforgettable. That’s why VBS is a priority for us at Orange. We want to help you do it in a way that will change your kids’ memory of this summer forever.

However, the reality is that we still operate school, life, and ministry in a global pandemic. With the challenges that come with COVID, some questions remain . . .

Why VBS?

How do we press play on VBS this summer?

While everyone will press play on VBS a bit differently, the important thing is that you do it in a way that’s right for your church.

9 Ways to Press Play on VBS

Press play for the first time.

It could be that your church has never done a VBS or summer Bible program for kids, and this whole concept is new. We’d love to help you start the summer off right by getting kids in the mix with confidence, community, and fun. There couldn’t be a more timely and important year to start VBS for the first time!

Press play as soon as possible.

Maybe you’ve considered waiting until COVID is over to press play on reconnecting with others. The truth is . . . none of us know when that day will come. On top of that, it will probably be different times for different communities. This is why we encourage you to press play as soon as possible in a way that’s safe for your church. By pressing play, we’re showing up for kids and building personal relationships in their lives.  

Press play more than once.

A safe option for your church might be to do VBS more than one time so smaller groups of kids can participate. One smaller gathering of kids could participate one week, and other smaller groups could participate during different weeks to allow for social distancing. By pressing play more than once, you’ll be giving multiple safe opportunities for kids to learn about Jesus.

Press play with key volunteers.

VBS plants seeds of relationships that grow and develop into the school year. This is a great time for key volunteers to jumpstart relationships with kids, since they’re the ones serving on the front lines. Use this summer to start watering the seeds of relationships between volunteers and kids.

Press play with student leaders.

Let’s be honest—some of the best volunteers are our teenagers! They need opportunities to serve and live out their faith too. God can use VBS to do something significant in the lives of our teens, and we don’t want them to miss out by pressing pause. 

Press play somewhere new.

More than ever, people are hungry for hope. Are there places you’ve never been in your neighborhood or community that might have people who need to press play and get in the mix with Jesus? This could be your opportunity to show up and build that trust.

Press play for every family.

Just like we reimagined VBS for a global pandemic, we can also reimagine how we include every family in this important opportunity. As leaders, we need to transform the way we see families in our community who participate in VBS. Regardless of how involved they are in the church, how much they tithe, or the structure of their family, we can seek to include families of all types in the best summer ever and ultimately, share the love of Christ with them. 

Press play for another church.

There are many churches in every community who are under-resourced and in need of financial support—especially during a pandemic. By gifting another church with this VBS, you’re helping them win and, in turn, spreading the love of Jesus further. 

Press play personally.

After pressing pause, it can be challenging to find the energy in our souls to reconnect with others on a personal level. But when we commit to pressing play, our energy to live out our calling is renewed. As church leaders, our hope is that every kid, teen, and volunteer involved in VBS would be personally impacted in a positive way this summer through our commitment to pressing play—that God would stir something in their hearts that would change them forever. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, we all need to press play this summer. We all need to do something to make it personal for families, get in the mix of relationships and re-engagement, and stay true to our calling. Allow this summer to be one where you don’t press pause, but press play on a VBS filled with memories, lessons, relationships, and fun. 

Don’t wait another day to order an Orange VBS Kit! Grab yours today and start unboxing the fun for your kids this summer!