Self-control. Ever struggled with that as an adult?

Whether it comes to controlling our words or controlling our appetites, all adults battle with self-control in some capacity. But imagine if you were given some tools at a young age to help you learn that losing control could cause trouble? Talk about a game-changer.

That’s why in this month, 252 Kids curriculum focuses on the virtue of self-control, which is choosing to do what you should even when you don’t want to. The Bible has a lot to say about self-control, and many people in the Bible experienced temptation, including Jesus! When kids learn about this fruit of the spirit, it will teach them to use wisdom before saying or doing something they will regret.


January 2022: 252 Kids Curriculum Overview

Kids will learn about self-control through the new January 2022 theme called Remote Control. And let’s face it, kids know a lot about remotes. Not only do remotes control the TV channel, but now, remotes can control the streaming service, live TV, music, and so much more!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a remote control for life? Something that could pause before saying something you don’t mean? Or one that could rewind so you could listen more closely before acting? While a remote control for life might not be possible, God gives us the ability to have self-control. Through various Bible stories, kids will learn that by following God’s example, they can make the right choice.

The memory verse for January 2022 is “God’s power has given us everything we need to live a godly life” (2 Peter 1:3A, NIRV). The bottom line is self control: Choosing to do what you should even when you don’t want to.

Let’s preview the Bible stories and bottom lines for each week of January 2022:


Week 1: Jesus is Tempted in the Desert (Luke 4:1-13, Matthew 4:1-11)

In this moment in Luke, Jesus faces temptation three different times. He was tempted to question is faith in God and his willingness to trust in His plan above his own. But thankfully, Jesus was prepared with Scripture to control the temptation!

Through this story, kids will learn to be ready to do the right thing. Kids need to learn that sometimes, self-control in the moment isn’t easy. That’s why they must have a plan ready for when tempting moments come. With God’s help, they can show self-control.


Week 2: Broken Down Walls (Proverbs 25:28)

Solomon uses a word picture of giant city walls as an example for self-control. God’s power can help us show self-control. Through this example, kids will learn how ancient city walls are a perfect example of how self-control can help us.

The bottom line kids will learn is that when you lose control, it can cause you trouble. They will learn the importance of remaining in control to keep themselves out of danger. God can help them choose self-control even when they are tempted.


Week 3: David Spares Saul’s Life (1 Samuel 24)

In this Bible story, King Saul and David are in a major feud. David was anointed to be the next king of Israel, so Saul was after him. David finds just the right opportunity to take out King Saul and end the feud, but instead, he uses self-control. He pauses and realizes that God didn’t want him taking matters into his own hands. David chose not to be controlled by his anger.

Kids will learn not to be controlled by their anger. While anger is a natural response to some events, it’s important we use self-control to manage it. God can give us the strength to resist making choices out of anger that could potentially hurt others or ourselves.


Week 4: Choose Your Words Carefully (Proverbs 12:18)

In this proverb, Solomon tells us about the power of our words. It is important that kids learn to use their words carefully because they have the power to harm or help a situation. By using the self-control God gives us, we can use our words to point others to Jesus.

Kids will learn to think before they speak. It’s easy in a moment of anger or stress to blurt out the first thing that pops into your head. However, those words have the power to hurt someone else. That’s why we must use self-control to think before we speak. Hopefully, the words used when practicing self-control will show others God’s love.


Week 5: Too Much of a Good Thing (Proverbs 25:16)

Kids will end the month of January 2022 with another vivid picture of self-control that Solomon uses. He teaches us that when we indulge in too much of anything, it can have serious consequences for us.

The bottom line is that kids must know when to stop. It takes a lot of wisdom for kids to know when to stop, especially if the activity is fun. Oftentimes, it is a parent or teacher that guides kids into stopping at an appropriate time. However, kids will learn that God can help them stop when they need to.


Throughout the month of January, we pray that your kids will learn that self-control is crucial to living a good life. Not only that, but our self-control reflects the character of God to others. Our ability to use self-control can make or break someone else’s view of God. So, let’s encourage kids to work on pursuing self-control in all areas of their lives.


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