In conversations I’ve had with First Look users, I’ve learned that it can be a challenge for many of you to find Storytellers. Another challenge may be that you have the same preschoolers in your care for more than one hour and you’re looking for variety the second (or third) hour. So, what do you do when you’ve already told the Bible story one hour, and you’ve got another hour with the same group of preschoolers? You can present the story in a different way. And, if you don’t have a live Host and Storyteller, we have an alternative for you! Did you know the weekly Bible stories are on DVD? Each month, we offer a resource called Wonder! Look at God’s Story. It’s an excellent alternative, if you don’t have the option to teach the Bible story live. Plus, here are a few other ways you could use this resource:

  •  Got multiple services? Plan for your Storyteller to share the Bible story in one hour, then play the video Bible story another hour.
  •  Want to reinforce the same Bible story you taught live on Sunday during your Wednesday night service? Show the video Bible story at your mid-week program.
  •  Do you have a weekday preschool? Use the video in your weekday chapel service.
  •  Are parents asking for something to do with their preschooler beyond what’s provided on the Parent Cue? Suggest that they purchase their own Wonder! DVD to show as often as they’d like at home.

This resource can do wonders in your ministry.

Have you used the Wonder! DVD in your preschool ministry? How do you utilize the videos?