Tom Rath wrote a great book called Strengths Finder 2.0 about developing your strengths instead of fixing your shortcomings. The accompanying online assessment, StrengthsFinder, allows you to determine your top five talents. At Orange, we use this assessment to help each staff member find their best fit.
Our 252 Basics team has recently restructured, allowing many of us to work more deeply within our strengths. We have all found ourselves venturing into new roles, using different talents, and stretching into facets of the curriculum we’ve not worked on before.
In this arrangement, we discovered a couple of gaps in our team that needed to be filled. So, let me introduce a couple of new 252 Basics team members:
Liz Hansen joined the team several months ago. She’s an experienced screenwriter, excellent wordsmith and great coordinator. You can look forward to seeing her work showcased in the Operation Christmas Child material this November. And learn more about her here.
Dan Scott is our new ambassador from the north. This summer, he and his family moved to Georgia from Michigan. Dan’s got a great eye for cohesive design, but is also a fantastic communicator and futuristic thinker.
Coming up on the 252 Blog this week, Liz and Dan will both offer some of their earliest insights into life at Orange. You won’t want to miss it!