These past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the recordings of incredible Orange Conference breakouts by Joy Bowen and Yancy. These ladies have great insight on what worship is and what it should be within the church and in children’s ministry. Yancy stated that, “Music has the power to be a seed that’s planted in our lives.” Music is not only a great way to create an environment; it is a POWERFUL way to connect with kids.
If you haven’t taken the time lately to sit down and analyze your strategy for worship with your kids, now is the time to do it! Worship time in your church shouldn’t just be a “filler” to kill time, it’s a great opportunity to really teach kids how to worship and what worship means. And don’t stop there! Worship is also a great opportunity to train leaders and have an impact on the next generation. Don’t miss the chance to invest in young students’ lives and teach them what it means to serve God.
These breakouts are available to Orange Conference attendees who purchased access cards to the conference materials at Orange. If you weren’t at the conference or missed these breakouts make sure you go next year! You DON’T want to miss them.