First Look Friend, Cass Brannan, sent us a video of his worship the other day. Well actually, he tweeted it so his preschool parents could see it, and I asked for it.

Why did I ask for it? Because I wanted to show all my other First Look Friends and tell you why I LOVE this video.


This is GREAT preschool worship leading!

  1. Cass has on a microphone. There is no way the kids aren’t going to hear him.
  2. The FULL MIX is playing. That’s right—the FULL mix. Cass isn’t trying to sing along to the track. He’s LEADING the worship. Because the words are already being sung, Cass has the freedom to tell the kids “good job” and to emphasize the key phrases like “God knows best!”
  3. The Small Group Leaders are doing the motions along with the kids. It’s hard to see them in the video (I think they were hiding), but you could see a hand here and there. The children were obviously looking to their leaders for help and were seeing the motions modeled.
  4. There was plenty of room to dance around. Preschoolers need space and the freedom to do a bit of roaming.
  5. Cass isn’t afraid to look a little silly. Friends, if you’re going to lead preschool worship, you’re going to look a little silly, and the children will LOVE you for it.

Many thanks to Cass for sharing this video with us. If you want to share a picture or a video with us, please email it to