There’s this one question that pops up from time to time—emailed or shared by smart leaders just like you. Why don’t we have God or Jesus in all of our Bottom Lines for 252? Let me answer by telling you a story.
About a year ago, my dad started researching new phones. (I come by my researching tendencies very honestly.) Understanding just how many options there were out there, I asked him which features were most important to him to help narrow it down. He surprised me by saying that the main reason he wanted a new phone was to be able to easily text me and my brother and sister, so we could stay in touch easier. My dad wanted to be able to respond quicker and to easily see the pictures all three of us were sending about our everyday life and events. He wanted to feel connected. And his current phone was putting up some obstacles: the small keys for typing, the tiny viewing screen, and slow downloading speed all made it more difficult for him to do what he wanted. He was tempted to give up!
So, my dad had the desire to increase our communication—the consistency and the frequency—to keep growing our family relationships, but he knew he didn’t have the right knowledge or tools—yet. It was just a place to start. You better believe, once I figured out why he was searching so hard, that I helped him get a phone that did all that and more. (I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an “i.”) And you know what? From there, he’s branched out to other new technologies and gadgets with more confidence. (All put out by a company branded by an apple of all things!)
At Orange, we choose to believe that all parents want to partner with us. They just might not know where to start. They want to communicate more easily with their kids, and they’re looking for the right tools to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. But they can feel overwhelmed and out of their element at first. Especially if the church and God are both new to them or they haven’t talked or acted on their faith in awhile.
That’s why the language we use to craft our Bottom Lines is intentional. Hours go into those sentences. We are trying to build a bridge based on universal principles that we think most parents intuitively understand and deeply want for their kids. If they already agree on the need and the overall idea, we’re more than halfway there.
These Bottom Lines are designed to transfer and to apply—not only in church—but at home and at school. Everywhere. Part of our process as a creative team is to test our tentative bottom lines and ask each other—does that say it clearly and simply? Will it stick in a kid’s and parent’s mind so it’s there when they need it? Would I say this at home to my kids on Tuesday? These Bottom Lines are a safe on-ramp to everything else we want to share with kids, and the adults that love them about our big God and His amazing story. This is the message that goes from yellow (in the church) to red (in the home) and if we are all saying the same thing, that’s what makes it Orange.
I think my dad just texted me about a new book I’ve got to read—there’s a link and everything! I’d love to hear what you think; take a minute to leave a comment.